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What is QuickReserves?
A business dedicated to helping Associations plan for their future.

Who uses QuickReserves to prepare their Reserve Studies?
Boardmembers and Managers

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Why should our Association have a QuickReserves account?

QuickReserves enables for the first time, the free online creation, management, and publishing of Reserve Studies. Outside parties interested in getting reliable and current disclosure information straight from the Association will be able to purchase reports through our affiliated site, Association Marketplace. The reports are presented in a familiar, clear format that is preferred by prospective homeowners, real estate agents, major banks, insurance companies, government-backed financing organizations, and other industry professionals. Best of all, your Association earns money from the sale of its own disclosure information. Show me the Money

What can I do with a QR Account?

If your Association does not have a Reserve Study, you will be able to create one for free in less than 15 minutes. If your Association does have a current Reserve Study, you can import it into our clear, standard format and make it available for publication. If your Association has an outdated Reserve Study, you can update it with our powerful tools. Most importantly, you can earn income for the Association through the sale of its own disclosure information. Show me the Money

How can this tool be FREE?

Too many Association-governed communities fail to do Reserve Studies because of the cost associated with a professionally-prepared study! The free version of the QuickReserves tool will meet the reserve planning needs of many Associations. However, a FREE account can be upgraded to the POWER level for an annual fee of $49/year. What’s the difference?

How accurate can this technology be?

Over 20 years experience at Association Reserves, Inc. has demonstrated that reserve funding requirements are largely dictated by a relatively small number of very influential reserve components. The QuickReserves Component Wizard can quickly establish a Component List that is tailored to the age, size, and construction type of your Association. With that foundation, the fine-tuning is left up to you! Funding calculations are performed in accordance with National Reserve Study Standards, with accuracy guaranteed. Since a Reserve Study is a projection of future events that may or may not occur exactly as forecasted, a Reserve Study needs to be updated each year.

Do we still need a Professional Reserve Study?

A QuickReserves Reserve Study will meet the reserve planning needs of most typical, uncomplicated Associations. However, since Reserve Study legislation varies from state to state, it would be wise to consult your local regulations.

What if our Association is complicated?

If you are feeling up to the challenge, the Power-level account ($49/year) offers features tailored to the needs of more complicated Associations. If you start to feel overwhelmed or are unsure at any time, several options will be available to you. You can request assistance from another person or a QuickReserves Certified Consultant , providing them restricted access to your QuickReserves account. You can also request a professional Reserve Study proposal from our list of credentialed, knowledgeable, independent, and experienced Reserve Specialists in your area.

What if we already have a current professional Reserve Study?

You easily can import the Component List and Funding Plan from your current Reserve Study into your QuickReserves account and publish it in our familiar, clear format that is quickly becoming the industry standard for prospective homeowners, real estate agents, bankers, insurance agents, and other industry professionals. Then you can start earning money for your Association through the sale of your own disclosure information. Show me the Money

What if we have an outdated Reserve Study and wish to update it ourselves?

QuickReserves allows you to easily update any prior year Reserve Study. It is easy to import the Component List and Funding Plan from your outdated Study and use the QuickReserves Update Wizard to update the information and prepare a Reserve Study, accurately calculated, in a National Standard format.

How does the Association earn money?

The Association profits from the sales of it’s own disclosure information on a website called Association Marketplace. The disclosures take the form of two published reports: An Association Snapshot and a Reserve Study. An Association Snapshot is a two-page summary of the association’s physical, financial, and organizational status. A Reserve Study is a multi-page document that forecasts the association’s major repair and repair responsibilities. Show me the Money.

Why are these disclosures so important?

These disclosures help prospective homeowners, banks, Insurance agents, government-backed financing organizations and other industry professionals make important decisions about the Association. Because the Association’s financial circumstances are subject to change, it is vitally important that the disclosure information is updated on an annual basis.

Product & Fees

QuickReserves offer two account levels: Free and Power ($49/year)

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