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License/Privacy Agreement

Effective 6/1/10

  • Only one account is to be created per Association.

  • Primary User is to disclose the true status of the Association to the best of their ability.

  • The Component List created for the Association by the QuickReserves Wizard is tailored to the age, size, and construction type of the Association based on a standardized profile. It has not been customized to reflect the unique assets, conditions, quantities, and replacement cost factors at the Association.

  • QuickReserves reserves the right to visually confirm the Association’s Reserve Component List.

  • Primary User must certify the names of the parties that prepared, assisted with, and reviewed the Reserve Study.

  • QuickReserves warrants the accuracy of the calculations, not the accuracy of the underlying data provided by the Primary User and/or Assistant User.

  • Disclosure information will be available for sale to the general public in the form of an Association Snapshot and Reserve Study

  • The Association, not any individual, is the primary financial beneficiary of these report sales.

  • Association information will be not sold to advertisers. Outside parties may gain access to individual association information only by viewing Association reports of the type available for purchase.

  • QuickReserves is the owner of the data voluntarily provided by the Primary User and /or a designated Assistant User.

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