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Home Tab

Home is your jump off point for the creation, management, and publishing of your two QuickReserves reports: Association Snapshot® and the QR Reserve Study®.

The process is divided into four tabs or screens:
  • Association tab
  • Components tab
  • Create Reserve Study tab
  • Publish Reports tab
You can navigate from screen to screen by simply clicking directly on the tabs or on the links.

Association Tab

The Association screen should be your first stop. This is where QuickReserves captures required information about your Association that is fundamental to the creation of the reports. The screen is divided into three sections:
  • Association Basics
  • Organizational Summary
  • Common Area Maintenance Responsibilities
Some of the information is automatically captured when your QuickReserves account is first created. The information can be easily updated by using the “Update” buttons to the right of each section heading and clicking “Submit” to save your changes.

Remember to look for the question-mark icon for context-specific help. A knowledgeable Manager or Boardmember should be able to easily supply the necessary information and quickly move on to the Components Tab.

Components Tab

The Component screen is where you create your Association’s Component List using any combination of the following options:
  • QuickReserves “Component Wizard”
  • Importing your own Component List
  • Manually adding, editing, or deleting individual components
The “Annual Update Wizard” allows you to easily update an old Component List for use in a subsequent year’s Reserve Study. Two things happen:
  • The Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of each component is reduced the number of years (1, 2, or 3) that you select.
  • The Current Cost of each Component is re-calculated based on an Inflation Rate that you select.
There are two features on the Component screen that are only available to Power Users:
  • The ability to create multiple (up to 3) Component Lists for the purpose of comparing various “what if” scenarios
  • The ability to “clone” an existing Component List
You must have a valid Component List before you will be able to create your Reserve Study.

Create Reserve Study Tab

The Create Reserve Study screen walks you through the process of creating a QR Reserve Study draft. A “draft” is created first in recognition that you may wish to make changes to the underlying assumptions once you see the results of the study.

The screen is divided into four sections:
  • Reserve Study Basics
  • Component List
  • Funding Strategy
  • Responsible Parties
When any of the fields on this screen are populated with new values, you will be prompted to use the “Save” button. The identity of the Preparer, Assistant, and Reviewer can be updated by using the “Update” button to the right of the Responsible Parties heading and clicking on “Submit ” to save your changes. These names will appear in the QR Reserve Study Draft.

Remember, the question-mark icon offers context-specific help. Once you have populated all the required fields, simply click the “Create Reserve Study” button and wait for your QR Reserve Study Draft (pdf) to calculate and display. This should take just a few seconds.

Publish Reports Tab

The Publish Reports screen displays the Reserve Study drafts that have been created, as well as any published reports. This screen provides the ability to view, delete, or email your draft Reserve Studies for reviewing and revising purposes. This screen also provides the functionality necessary to certify and manually publish your official QR Reserve Study.

When the QR Reserve Study Draft has been created, reviewed, and Board-approved, you are ready to publish it in three easy steps:

Step #1: Select the Draft Report that you wish to publish by clicking on the radio button to the right of the report. (Power Users are able to select from up to 5 different saved draft versions)

Step #2: Click on the Certification checkbox to certify that the QR Reserve Study has been Board-approved and take a moment to confirm the identity of the Preparer, Assistant, and Reviewer. The names can be updated using the “Update” button and clicking “Submit ” to save your changes. Remember, these names will appear in the published version of the QR Reserve Study.

Step 3: Click the “Publish selected Version” button and wait for your published QR Reserve Study (pdf) to display under the Published Reports heading. Only one published version can exist at any time.

Congratulations on successfully creating and manually publishing your first QR Reserve Study! Notice that the Association Snapshot is automatically updated and re-published, as of the publication date of the Reserve Study.

Remember: All published reports become the Association’s official disclosure documents and are available for purchase at
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